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Welcome to Top Hat Tappers. If you love tap dancing come along and join in our tap classes. If you have never tapped before, why not give it a go? Tap dancing is great fun, good exercise and a great way to spend leisure time. Classes are held in Heaton Mersey, Stockport on a Tuesday morning and in Sale, Trafford on a Tuesday evening. View the Top Hat Tappers Classes to see times, levels and maps of all classes available.

The Top Hat Tappers

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Contact us and send me an e-mail or give me a call for more information. Alternatively come along to one of the classes and find out for yourself if Top Hat Tappers is for you. It's great fun.

Some Basic Steps Below

UPWARD TOE BEAT(TAP) Place the leg out in front flex the ankle, strike the floor with the toe and re-flex the ankle.

DOWNWARD TOE BEAT Place the leg out in front, flex the ankle, strike the floor with the toe and leave it down.

BRUSH pick one foot up behind the other and using the toe only bring the leg forward striking the floor, finish with a flexed ankle

SHUFFLE Do a brush forward and then repeat the motion, but towards the back, finish in the start position

TOE-HEEL A downward Toe beat forward followed by a heel beat, changing the weight.

HEEL-TOE A heel forward, followed by a downward toe beat, changing the weight.

BALL CHANGE A downward toe beat, slightly behind the other foot with weight, followed by a step on the other leg (back front, change of weight)

BRUSH STEP BALL CHANGE Brush one leg through, step on to it in front, the other leg starts the ball change, as above. (&1&2), changes feet.

TIP Slightly behind the other leg, strike the floor on the VERY top of the shoe. (pointe)

DIG Next to the other foot, strike the floor with the toe, laces over toes (demi-pointe)

BOX-STEP Stamp the right leg forward, flat foot, repeat with the left, feet shoulder width apart. Take the right leg back to start position on a toe, repeat with the left, feet together

PICK-UP Always from a heel, replace the heel with the toe, very quickly pulling backwards and making a “snap” sound with the toe.

TRAIN Stamp the right leg diagonally across, lift the left and replace, on a toe. Take the right leg behind the left on a toe, with weight, and lift the left and replace on a toe. (1234)

HOP Standing on 1 leg, jump in the air and land on the same leg (usually on a toe)

SPRING Standing on 1 leg, jump in the air and land on the other leg (jogging, usually on the toes)

CLAP Strike the palms of the hands together to make a sharp sound!!!

TAP SPRING - lift the foot up at the back tap through with a toe then elevate, change feet and land on the same starting leg (&1). Repeat on the other leg (&2).